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The Universe Has Your Back

The Universe Has Your Back

In times of uncertainty, self-doubt, anxiety, or fear we all tend to fall back to the same negative feedback loop; creating sabotaging thoughts, harming our own esteem, and blaming the external situations for our inability to achieve what we seek in life.

Gabrielle Bernstein, in her Super Soul talk, outlines a 5-step method for spiritual surrender, which makes us grateful and joyful for things we have in our lives, even when we think they are working against us.

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We are frequently concerned with things that do not materialize in our life. We place too much emphasis on the uncontrolled, and everything feels tense.

Let us, today, change our emphasis to the positive and joyful aspects of our lives. You'll notice a difference and your inner self will be...

When we stop praying for what we need and start praying for what is best for everyone, we are aligned with the truth and the magnitude of our authentic power's presence.

Try to send out positive vibrations for all of your loved ones while closing your eyes. You'll feel more strong right...

The Universe loves us all, regardless of where we are in life, what we have done in the past, or where we come from.

It's in the Holy Moment you surrender yourself to look at the beautiful world with love and compassion for every other soul, including yourself, and start changing yourse...

Changing your attitude can change your actions. If we carry a negative mindset, we are letting ourselves lose out on every hidden chance that might make us better and stronger for our ambitions.

Help yourself see the good even in those bad times. When you start focussing on the good eve...

Surrendering is a process that takes time. For many of us, we become skeptical about giving control of our lives to someone else's hands.

But once you start surrendering to the ultimate power, miracles will happen in your life. You'll feel at peace and ease at every step because you'll know...

Giving meaning to suffering and effort is a frequent occurrence that we have all witnessed. We try to get the greatest outcomes possible by continually working and pushing ourselves. And I've seen it for myself; it's exhilarating at first but fades after a few months.

But when I began surre...

Asking for a sign isn't about running away and losing faith in ourselves, it's about accepting the love that the Universe is always eager to provide. It is a matter of harnessing & aligning with the energy and allowing it to decide what is best for us.

Consider it as a helping hand, and...

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