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How to Job Hunt (When You’re Already Exhausted)

How to Job Hunt (When You’re Already Exhausted)

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Define your why — and why now

Define your why — and why now

Take the time to ask yourself why you want a new job. If you try to explore the goal you have in mind, it will motivate you to find space for job hunting. 

Defining your "why now?" will call you to action to take the first step.

Visualize current state and target state

Find a moment to sit down and meditate. Then visualize the times when you were excited about a new job or the happy moments in your current one. Ask yourself, do you like the people you worked with or are working with? What about the kind of work? Do you have different feelings now?

Finally, visualize how you'll feel when you find your dream job. Embrace the energy you're feeling — the excitement and the engagement you feel through your body. With this practice you can determine what's important to you and give you the necessary energy to power through.

Make a plan

Make a plan

It's often scary to think about the uncertainty the future brings but if you create a plan and follow it to the bone, you'll glean with energy from accomplishing every step. 

  1. Determine how much time you're willing to dedicate to the job-hunting process and commit to that every day or every week
  2. Create an activity schedule — like what will you do at this time? Prepare your resume? Update your LinkedIn profile? 
  3. Figure out who are the people who will support you with the job-hunting.

Breathe and Believe

Breathe and Believe

The job-hunting process is emotional and it sometimes can feel like a roller coaster ride. That's why mental preparation is just as important as preparing your resume. 

We can be positive all we want but we still have to prepare for the time for when the possibility of being rejected happens to us. Prepare yourself on how you'll work through it and then move forward.

Focus on what you can control

Each company has their own style of recruiting process. Some have a maximum of four interviews while others, ten. However, this shouldn't get you down because that's something not within your control.

If you focus on what you can control you'll increase your positive energy and build momentum. Instead here are some things you can control:

  • Developing your resume and LinkedIn profile 
  • Scheduling meet-and-greet opportunities with people from your field
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Reaching out to references and encouraging them to be enthusiastic in talking about you

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