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Enabling Learning

To help individuals learn how to learn, managers can ask themselves the following questions:

  • What is our shared vision for leveraging AI? What outcomes are we hoping to achieve?
  • How am I creating opportunities for people to learn and grow? How am I establishing psychological safety to encourage risk-taking?
  • Am I there and present when my team members have questions about where to go next? Who else can provide guidance?
  • How do I help my team see things they haven’t previously seen, ask new questions, or curate a set of resources?




A common refrain for many organizations, and government organizations, in particular, is that building an AI-ready workforce is particularly challenging because it is impossible to match

For many organizations, the workforce needs to depend on where they are in adopting, deploying, and maintaining AI. Organizations just starting out on their AI journey may have a large set of data that they have been collecting over the years, and they are now trying to identify what predictions ...

Too often when organizations seek to hire talent in the AI space, they assume they should focus on a couple of schools. In our experience, robust, secure, scalable, and human-centred AI systems are ones that incorporate varied perspectives and data. AI systems learn from examples, so it helps to ...

Organizations today are often faced with a challenge: How do we move forward even if we don’t have all of the answers yet? A data engineer can have an impact across the application, from application performance to the semantics and meaning of the data flowing across the system.

AI technologies are evolving so quickly that any specific requirements might soon be overcome by advancement. For that reason, organizations looking to adopt AI need to grow a culture of learning. On the hiring side, that also means looking for people with a sense of curiosity. 

Organizations also need to focus on helping existing employees learn how to learn. The expectation cannot be that everyone will be able to easily add learning on top of days filled with back-to-back meetings and never-ending lists for deliverables. Organization leaders have to think about ways th...

Organizations today are working to assemble teams that can make bespoke pieces of AI, leverage them towards specific outcomes, and endlessly tune system components to arrive at assured AI systems, able to be deployed in a variety of different environments. 



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