Having Routine The Way We Did - Different Pattern

Why do they suspect our different versions are alive? Because the details are complete, starting from activities in the morning, afternoon - evening and so on. Hence, they thought those were alive.


Parallel World



Copy of Ourselves Across The Universe

More …quantum physics detects there are different versions of us doing something differently.

It’s as if there are 10 versions of ourselves” (at the same time: i’m typing right now; i’m eating on another version of earth; running and doing other things)

So they suspect that there are many version of us in the “looks like earth’” also with “looks like family” & “looks like friends ” with different situations.

Further assumptions that these twins constitute “life” elsewhere (parallel nature - twin nature).


Whereas the twin is not real life, but just a scenario in the future. Inactive, not alive, just a shadow, a future.

They think it’s alive because compared to the current circumstances and current time here, the parallel nature is also sequentially.

As if you take a train through a long tunnel and look out the window and all pictures on the wall were painted with a story, then you see a vivid picture frame changing rapidly and just like a living story

Similarly this, in fact, parallel nature is a different scenario of our life path.


If there were people laid down in a parallel nature, and it’s not the kind of the nature we live now, and look at us from there, then the circumstances here are also considered a parallel reality, we are in a parallel nature. But the real life is only at current state, not the other side.

Our nature, which is one of the many (possible scenarios) parallel world, is a truly active life. Why?

Because in this nature (where we live) there is the presence of consciousness.


Illustration :

  • There’s me eating and the sequence after eating -> drinking, going to school..

Now, at this time, our consciousness lives and moves from one statue to another (from the statue is eating, then moving to the next statue that is drinking and so on), then we experience the sensation — realizing — the change/event/the order of life.

If we could get out of the statue and look into the vast plains of the universe, then we would see many possibilities of our statue in various positions & circumstances.


It's up to us, what we want, then when the will is strong (is a must) — driving a car, there is a displacement of consciousness from a row of statues driving a car, and we feel like driving a car.

It's like if you read a book with a branching story. We don't just read pages per page, but on certain pages we are faced with a situation of choice. If you choose a particular option then we are required to open a different page jumping (not sequentially).

Scenarios of risks have been prepared (subject to environmental limitations).

So only 1 real life with many possible scenarios - overlap each other.


Or like playing video games, where all the possibilities have existed, and the choice of the way we play, determines how we’re going to the next situation.

For programmers who create video games, having ability to penetrate the programming codes and they knew the existence of codes representing any possible character.

Active (live) characters are the kind of selected codes, codes that are converted into visualization (character) on the screen.

So parallel nature is just one nature with many scenarios. Prefer say: “not a parallel nature but a parallel state”.


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