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Creating an environment with the peoples or the team mates you work to be open and very non complex of what happening and why happening to clear all the suspension that what or when could we do something or anything freely

3. Acknowledge your Flaws

Rather then showing yourself to be perfect do your work in the sense and flow or hard work to proof others to be a perfect like you

As they just not only follows but also see every perspective of the way you doing your work and gets familiar with it the way where you want to be at a level of perfectionism


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Seek Excellence Not Perfection

Seek Excellence Not Perfection

Perfectionism isn’t about growth, improvement, or personal achievement, it’s about fear and avoidance. 

Therefore, what you should really be focused on is realizing excellence, the best version of yourself despite your flaws. 

Create another Twitter Account

Create another Twitter Account

  • If you do not want to limit your tweets or follows, then make a second or third free Twitter account.
  • Try to associate the accounts with each other, so that it will be easy to gain followers who are familiar with your first account.

Get familiar with momentum

Get familiar with momentum

The work should take on its own life and form, and re-invent itself.

  • Be only a catalyst conducting the`flow` in your work and design.
  • Let the work, by itself, crave out and pave its own `flow`.
  • Build familiarity by regularly showing up.

Familiarity is a powe...

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