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Muhammad Huzaifa on Oct 14

Muhammad Huzaifa on Oct 14

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Seven Ways To Be An Authenticated Leaders Towards Your Team

1. Be Authentic and trustworthy

One best way to gain the trust of everyone being a leader is to be authentic of what you know and the things which you don't

Not to be so complicated or complex but being so simple truthful and honest not to lie in any situation will definitely wins the Trust of Team

2. Be true to Your Words

Another way is to having trust of everyone is to be upon what you promises to do what deadlines you have create to do likewise your work to complete or to meet anyone or doing the tasks on time

3.Communicate of what's going on and why


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Creating an environment with the peoples or the team mates you work to be open and very non complex of what happening and why happening to clear all the suspension that what or when could we do something or anything freely

3. Acknowledge your Flaws

Rather then showing yourself to be perfect do your work in the sense and flow or hard work to proof others to be a perfect like you

As they just not only follows but also see every perspective of the way you doing your work and gets familiar with it the way where you want to be at a level of perfectionism


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4. Listening to others

Being a leader not genuinely means that you know everything and not to care of any others opinion or knowledge but to be caring about what the one want to say and listening it carefully and attentionally to work upon even after not to accept what all said having ideas to listen them makes other to be uplifted

5. Stay Flexible

A person who is rigid or refuses to have new ideas, views , doing the tasks a new way or working with ongoing tradition not to change himself would no more trustworthy or less productive

It does not mean that to change the all aspects but with time


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7.Be natural , Don't Try to Overdo It

It requires you being so humble or mindful.of how you behave of getting your work done.even if it not on go with your choice or your desired work and not to feel like that everyone gonna do it with full of perfectionism under all the aspects but giving your best of all the time also it doesn't maen that you try to do it very over on everything or that requires much more of harder difficulties or differences with your teammates but to be as they all could be go in a Flow ...


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