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  Eliminate your phone during Morning Schedule

Eliminate your phone during Morning Schedule

Early in the morning, after you get up from your bed don't look for the phone instead of do some meditation so that you will feel refresh. For a lot of us, the first thing we do toward the beginning of the day is to actually look at our phone. Keep away from this! In addition to the fact that this exhibits an unfortunate reliance on our phones, the unexpected huge amount of content which will hit you as you scroll is a lot for our drained psyche to deal with. This will overpower and divert us, and adversely impact our capacity to concentrate for the day.


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8. Limit your phone

8. Limit your phone

When you talk with somebody, we put our phones on silent and be focused on that person. Why we can't do that for ourself also?

Our phones can make us lose track of time. It's easy to take a glimpse to a notification and then, boom, one hour later you're still scrolling. 

Start your day off right with a morning ritual

Often, the moment we wake up, we immediately reach for our phones and check for new emails, and this only stresses us out. Therefore, after waking up try taking deep breaths and meditating before starting your day.

Starting your day in a mindful manner lays out the foundation of being calm...

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