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12 Micro-Productive Tips That Will Help You Get in the Creative Zone and Stay Focused

Human focus is fickle. Our willpower waffles and wanes. We don’t do what we know we should do (e.g., go for a jog, write a blog post) and we end up doing what we know we shouldn’t do (e.g., scroll Facebook, eat another Reeses, play with cats).

In this piece, I’d like to give you 12 micro-productive tips — little things you can do — to boost your serotonin levels, get in a creative zone, and stay focused for long periods of time.





Taking out my minimalist leather journal, I wrote about my purpose in life. This broadening of perspective lifted me out of my seat on the plane and helped me see how the conference fit in with the bigger trajectory of my life. Rather than putting in my earphones and watching a movie, this moment...

I gain energy around people. To channel this social-based energy into my work, I get up early to go to a coffeeshop. I watch people flow in and out of the shop throughout the morning and afternoon rushes. I overhear tidbits of conversation. Each person has a unique story and interesting quirks. M...

Eat 32 grams of protein within the first 30 minutes after waking up so that you won’t have mid-day, unhealthy snack cravings. Then, a light lunch (e.g., salad, soup, or peanut butter, raisins and celery — 😄) will prevent that languid food coma from romping through your fertile garden of focus an...

Whether it’s for outlandish fun or crushing a last-minute project, a special occasion requires extra energy. One founder friend of mine said he regularly pulls all-nighters once a week to work on his startup. It helps that his startup is a coffee brand, but still, for him, he accesses a huge bloc...

To break up my writing sessions, I change into running shorts, throw AirPods into my ears, and turn on the latest episode of my favorite podcast How I Built This with

Irritated and not sure why? Drink water. It might seem simplistic, but consider these two facts from a study published in The Journal of Nutrition: 1) Even mild dehydration — 1.5% loss in normal water volume in the body — can degrad...

Immersing yourself in water or taking a shower often leads to fresh ideas and a positive mood afterwards.

There’s a difference between talking to someone you want to be like versus someone you don’t want to be like. If you like the person, you’re receptive, open, and sponge-like. As a result, you learn. You advance. This “mentor” is like a model of the future you. Call them, keep it...

I’m not sure what activity you do to free your mind and let it wander on its own, but for me, it’s doing the dishes. I love washing the dishes. When I dry my hands afterwards, my head is full of exciting new ideas, similar to a shower. What little thing can you do that’s both freeing

My friend told me that she likes to pour herself a glass of red wine and keep it around her while she works at home. She doesn’t drink it, but the thought of it—its availability, ease of access, and promise of reward—motivates her to earn it. I’m not sure if it’s positive or negative reinforcemen...

I had an ambitious college roommate. In the mornings, whenever he needed to gear up his mind for a test or presentation, he would get out his guitar and strum wildly. It wasn’t erratic chaos, but rather a quick rhythm with a high BPM count. For example, he wouldn’t fingerpick What A Wonderful...

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Take a Nap

Dreaming is a source of inspiration because your brain is working even when you’re asleep.

If you can’t seem to break through your brainstorming session, take a nap.




In order to maintain peak levels of productivity, the body needs to be fully hydrated. Just a 1% drop in hydration could lead to a 12% drop in productivity.”



Working From Home

Working from home means that all the chaos of your home (pets, family members, kids, and kitchen noises) is part of your entire workday.

Self-Discipline, concentration and work ethic are needed to successfully navigate this process.