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What Makes A Really Good Email (RGE)

What Makes A Really Good Email (RGE)

Really Good Emails (RGE) is a website that tries to capture the best emails in one place. It tries to showcase email design and resources on the web. 

What we can learn from Code School

  • Make sections of your email content shareable. 
  • One column emails work great on desktop and mobile. Single CSS buttons are the way to go. They focus the CTA and make it obvious what to do next. 
  • Shows brand has a customer support focus. Add a feedback section to the bottom of the Email.
  • Experiment with new technology. There are usually fallbacks that still look good. 

What A Good Email Looks like

  • The email connects visual design with a good simple hierarchy. 
  • The content serves the customer more than the company. 
  • There is consistency across branding, website and app experience. 
  • The campaign uses best-in-class technology. 
  • It’s enjoyable because it surprises and delights. 
  • The email is likely to perform well. 
  • It balances live text and imagery. 
  • It is accessible across devices and screens. 

The best emails - Airbnb

  • Use short and sweet retention emails to get users back into a product. 
  • Don’t let their campaigns try to do everything at once. 
  • Try out and test new CTAs that are more descriptive. 
  • Make emails match up to branding and web/app experience. 
  • Use bold imagery to capture openers attention. 
  • Use hacks like the search bar image to show an audience what actions they should take.

What Aspects Gets Critiqued About An RGE

  • Subject Line 
  • Pre-header text 
  • Email Layout Patterns 
  • Images 
  • Typography 
  • Whitespace 
  • Mobile Optimization 
  • CTA Design 
  • Text CTA Ratio 
  • Video 
  • Animated GIFs (Does it add value) 
  • Interactivity 
  • Personalization 
  • Voice & Tone 
  • Footer Finish 
  • Legal 

Learn from Blue Apron

  • Use an offer with clear copy and supporting CTA. 
  • Include tasty imagery to show your product in action. 
  • Create your own icons for an associated action instead of counting.
  • Bottom navigation lets the offer be the main focus. If people need the links they will look for them. 
  • Social icons that match your branding or the rest of the email is a nice touch. 
  • Include a link to download your app if you have one. 

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