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Define Your Goals and Objectives

Define Your Goals and Objectives

Just like everything digital marketing, influencer marketing needs to start with a properly formulated goal. What is your niche? Who are influencers in that niche? What do you want to accomplish with this influencer? More importantly, how are you going to measure success?

If it is your first time attempting something like this, start small. Maybe don’t tackle the multi-million follower influencer in your niche, and expect high returns. To start off, micro-influencers might be the way to go, build up experience, and as you grow so should your expectations, and ultimately your goals.




When the time comes to create content some creative liberty needs to be in place. Be sure to appropriately communicate what you envision the campaign and content to look like, but always ask for the influencer’s 2 cents as well. 

Of course, if there are certain things you r...

For example:

Category A: 1,000–25,000

Category B: 25,001–50,000

Category C: 50,001–100,000

Category D: Over 100,000

Category D influencers have the greatest following, the farthest reach, and could o...

So you’ve set your goals, found the influencers in your niche, and have initiated a conversation with them. It is now time to talk business.

Present your proposition in a friendly but still professional manner, and lay down the goals and objectives for both sides. Honesty a...

Be sure to include hashtags such as #sponsored, #promotion, # “company name”, or something along those lines.

Be sure to check each post. Oftentimes, the influencer might have forgotten to add the proper disclosure, which is a big violation. If this is the case, kindly remind them ...

In order to appropriately talk about and understand your brand and offering, they will need certain info. Be sure to empower them, and grant them access to all the necessary documentation for developing a holistic image. Things like blog posts, white papers, e-books, press re...

Influencers are not tools, they are human beings, so instantly emailing them with a business proposition or a pitch might have negative effects, ultimately putting them off.

You need to build trust, and nurture your relationship with them before any business-relate...

Influencers are influencers because they have a certain authority, a certain character, and this carries over to the way they create content. 

Their audience follows them for this very reason, so it would be unwise to restrict them and take away from their “charisma”. Allow them to be t...

Before reaching out, do some homework. Get to know what the influencer talks about, what they like, the type of audience they have, etc., and then send out a personalized email in a friendly manner. Show them you appreciate their work and that you realize they are an aut...

Sharing reports and analytics with each other is key to determining if the path you are currently on is the right one. See what currently is working, and try to spot any room for improvement with the influencer.

Tracking metrics in both the influencer a...

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