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Consider this scenario: you are browsing, and you suddenly see a website you love. Everything looks well put together, and the colors and fonts complement each other. You want to recreate this for your page. But how do you get the colors?"How do you find out which font type the web pages are usin...

WindowResizer is useful if you need to resize your browser screen to various resolutions to check your website/application compatibility. Once enabled, you can view various resolutions (like the standard iPhone, iPad, laptop, desktop resolutions) on its options list. Choose the one per your requi...

Extensions are software programs, built on web technologies (such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) that enable users to customize the Chrome browsing

The beauty of these Chrome extensions is that anyone can use them. The tools are not just for professionals. They can help you achieve the desir...

ColorZilla helps you to find out the colors a webpage is using.

When you download and enable this Chrome extension, you can pick a color from any webpage using the inbuilt page color picker. You can point and click on a color displayed on the page. It shows the hexadeci...

GoFullpage is an image tool that can help you in taking full-page screenshots of any webpage.

Many imaging tools are buggy when it comes to taking clear full-page screenshots. With GoFullPage, you can capture the entire page quickly and easily.

The free version allows you to download ...

Webpages are incomplete without good content. The design might be top-notch, but if not backed with good content, all your effort can go in vain. Grammarly is an excellent tool to use for content development.

It keeps an eye out for all grammatical errors and prompts you to change them. You...

CSS Viewer is for all design enthusiasts! It is a nifty little extension that you can use to deep dive into the CSS styling of a webpage.

Once enabled, you can point at any UI element on the screen to get its property values. You can see the following details for any UI element:

  • ...

  • size
  • width
  • height
  • padding
  • font size
  • font family
  • text-decoration
  • position
  • transform/transition ...

WhatFont, as the name implies, can be used to identify the fonts on a webpage. When the extension is enabled, you can point your cursor on any text on the page to view its font. The font name gets automatically displayed like a tooltip.

Additionally, WhatFont reveals th...

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Web Design Agencies Nowadays

With billions of internet users worldwide spending several hours online each day, the online presence of brands is now a necessary avenue for building, boosting, and maintaining positive value and attracting and interacting with customers. 





SEO Tools

There’s a lot of overlap between SEO tools, which is why it can be so difficult to figure out which is the best to use. To simplify things.

You already have a ton of tools in your web design toolbox which is why I’m reluctant to write this post the way I would for copywriters and SEO pros. ...



Productivity hangups

It is quite understandable that not all productivity apps will work for everyone.

You might add a list of tasks to an app, tell yourself you'll use it, and then forget to open the app again. Instead, you might use a sticky note to keep track of your tasks. This means the a...