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How To Say No And When

How To Say No And When

If you want to be more effective, if you want to get more done,or even if you just want some breathing room in life you need to say no.

Again every request have its cost buy saying yes to one thing, you are saying no to others unless you want to live your life completely at the direction of some one else, you need to improve ability to say no.

If you have control in your time and get more done, getting better at saying no is one of most important things you can do I will be chearing you on!


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Saying no is easy when we decide to move forward in situations, or in jobs life have different thoughts, we want to become better day to day but sometimes situations are different from time like in carrier or in job or in life .

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If you want to be more effective, if you want to “get more done,” or even if you just want some breathing room in your life, you need to say no more often.

Again, every request has a cost . By sayi...

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