Keys and Phone

Keys and Phone

Leave your keys, cell phone and other accessories you carry in the same place when you get home. Have a designated area to ensure that you do not wonder where you put these items.

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Self Improvement


Create a Task List

Make a new to-do list every day based on the previous day's list. Cross off what you've completed. 

Check Your Bank Balance

It allows you to see what you spent the previous day and can reveal any unauthorized charges.

Carry a Small Notepad

Write down items for your shopping list, errands, to-do's, and random thoughts. 

You never know when you'll need to quickly write something down.

Organize Your Wallet
  • File away the receipts you need to keep and tear up the rest. 
  • Sort through your rewards cards and place the ones you use most in front.
Plan Your Meals
  • Consider the meals to be made.
  • Add needed items to your shopping list.
  • Schedule time to shop.
  • Schedule time to cook.
Prepare Your Clothing

Get into the habit of preparing for the next day. Lay your clothes out the night before to save you from wondering what to wear in the morning.

Prep the Launch Pad
  • Re-pack and refresh gym bags, work bags, and school bags.
  • Lay ingredients out for breakfast and lunch.
  • Check the weather report to see if umbrellas will be required.
Follow a Routine

Create good habits by keeping to a routine. It helps to automate tasks, where possible.

Make sure the dishes are done every night before you go to sleep and make your bed in the morning. This promotes relaxation and sets a positive tone for the day.

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Don’t Rely On Your Memory

If you want to remember things, don't rely on your memory. Put it in writing or in a digital notebook.



Benefits of Decluttering
  • More time and energy for the people and activities you love
  • A more spacious, peaceful, calmer and clutter-free home
  • Financial freedom by choosing to own and buy less
  • Less stress trying to manage and take care of everything you own
  • More time and freedom to pursue your goals and priorities
  • Less time spent cleaning and managing the things you own
  • Easier to keep your home tidy and organized

Steve Jobs insisted that all the items on a meeting agenda have a designated person responsible for that task and any follow-up work that happened.

Public accountability works, because it ensures that a project or task actually gets done.

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