Paper Calendar

The easiest way to organize your day is a good paper calendar.

Divide it into four sections.

  • The top left section is your running to do list for the day. 
  • The top right section is the running grocery list.
  • The bottom left is for notes such as calls made, who you spoke to and appointment dates. 
  • The bottom right is whatever you need to move to another day. 
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Self Improvement


Organizing unnecessary items is wasting energy. 

  • Have less stuff.
  • Eliminate outdated articles to read “someday." 
  • Find an appropriate place for everything and make sure it is easily accessible. 
  • Choose one tool and stick with it.
  • Pack tools immediately after use.
Sort At The Source

Sort through the post and other reading material upon arrival. Only the necessary should enter the house. 

Create a To-Do List
  • Sync your to-do list with your mobile phone.
  • Write down the three most important tasks.
  • Keep to an easy and workable task list.
  • Do one thing at a time.

  • Do it now.

Tools should work for you, not the other way around. 

Must Outlook really check your email every 5 minutes? You might get more done if you check your mail when you choose.

Find a system that suits you, and make it work for you. 

It eliminates methods and ideas that no longer work and promotes the more important things. 

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Ditch the screen

Instead, use a pen and paper. Writing on paper re-wires the brain to be more attentive to your writing. There are also fewer distractions.

Pen and paper are also more convenient to carry around with you.

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Visual Learning

... is learning by seeing the information through images, graphs, and other visual materials.

6 Study Tips for Visual Learners

Focus On Baby Steps

For some goals, you need to sustain something for a long time, but most can be broken down into smaller, more approachable goals. 

Dividing goals makes the process seem less overwhelming and completing the parts of it gives you a sense of accomplishment you wouldn’t get if you were aiming for the larger goal.

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