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The three components of confidence

They are:

  • Your speech
  • Your body language
  • Your clarity of thought.


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"Try not to be a man of success, but a man of value." - Albert Einstein

NYC Speech Coach Paul Geiger explores how to speak with the right authority.

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Navigate Office Politics

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How to build positive relationships with colleagues and superiors

How to navigate office politics without compromising your values

How to handle conflicts and difficult situations in the workplace

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The Three Laws Of Performance: Law 2

Our language shapes our perception.

How a situation occurs, arises in language. Most people don’t realize the profound impact of our language on our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Language is much more than our spoken/written words. It also includes our body langua...

Say It Aloud

  • Talking out aloud opens up the words, providing full thought retrieval, and using rhythm and intonation to bring out the main idea while increasing the dialogical abilities of our own speech.
  • Mute inner speech, on the other hand encourages short-hand language and mental shortcuts, ...

The Complexity Of Reading

Unlike speech, reading and writing are "cognitively unnatural."

As a human instinct, speech doesn’t have to be taught to an infant. Writing does, because it is not a purely visual process, both reading and writing piggyback on language and speech

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