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Strategies For Getting More Out Of What You Read

1) Active reading

  • Choose great books
  • Get some context
  • Know your why
  • Intelligently skim
  • Match your book to your environment

2) Remembering what you read 

  • Take notes
  • Stay focused
  • Mark up the book
  • Make mental links
  • Quit books

3) Now what?

  • Apply what you’ve learned
  • Make your notes searchable
  • Reread


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“An idea is something that won’t work unless you do.” - Thomas A. Edison

What you read can give you access to untold knowledge. But how you read changes the trajectory of your life.

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More Things to Help You Plan Which Books to Read

  • Intelligentily skim. Use this information to situate your expectations and refine what you are looking for as you read.
  • Match the book to your environment. When choosing books, take a look at your own situation and decide on genres or authors that mi...

Make the most of what you read

  1. Choose different reading pieces for different occasions: articles and light reads can be reserved for short periods. Books that require less focus can be listened to in audio format etc.
  2. Incorporate reading into your daily habit: put a book on your bedside table.

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