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A Niche Audience

Since outbound sales is a more proactive, targeted strategy, you can focus on the specific people you want to sell to. For example, if you want to contact software developers at Apple, or data scientists at Twitter, outbound is going to be the more efficacious approach.

Where inbound sales is very broad, more passive, and unlikely to reach an audience that specific, outbound sales will hit its mark without a problem.




There are many signs that indicate it’s time to invest in an outbound sales team. This more proactive approach is a great way to enhance targeted prospecting, raise more awareness of your product, and free up your time, among many other benefits. 

Is your product prohibitively expensive? Is it likely that only upper-tier corporations will have the capacity to make a purchase? If so, this is another strong indication that you should prioritize outbound sales. With a smaller pool of potential prospects to draw from, inbound sales often falls...

The first sign is a fairly simple one. If your inbound sales team simply isn’t generating the anticipated revenue or leads, then you may need to compliment their efforts with an outbound team. Your outbound efforts can be highly targeted and backed by a more proactive approach, which can be vital...

Some audiences are more receptive than others to cold calling and emailing. If your pool of potential clients is not averse to getting sales calls and emails, use an outbound team. Doing so also means you can conveniently guide prospects through the purchasing process, instead of making them work...

If profit margins on your product sales are thin, it will be difficult to afford premium salespeople or adverts. Such circumstances aren’t conducive to successful outbound sales operations. However, if you have high profit margins, you will be better placed to attract elite talent. When a team of...

If you’ve developed a novel solution, your potential customers won’t really be looking out for it. This will render inbound sales efforts largely ineffective, or at the very least extremely expensive. In this scenario, you will need to raise awareness about your new product. One of the most effec...

When you go to events and network with attendees, do they respond positively to your products or services? There’s a simple way of assessing this. If people ask you questions along the lines of “what pricing schemes do you offer?” or “how quickly can you have this installed?” then you can reasona...

If your solutions have long sales cycles, you will need to frequently follow up with prospects. Similarly, sales email sequences can facilitate follow-up emails. Nevertheless, if your sales cycle takes months or years to complete, there is a need to be more proactive in your sales approach and nu...

If you’re a smaller business, you may find that the sales aspect is taking up too much of your schedule. If you’re a founder or CEO and currently handling all the sales for the organization, giving demos, or taking care of outreach could mean other areas in your organization take a hit. If this d...

It’s important to factor in the funnel math when deciding if you’re ready to hire an outbound sales team. Quite simply, you’ll need to factor in your average sales cycle and on average how many deals you’re currently able to close a month to determine how much revenue you can potentially generate...




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The benefits of outbound sales for inbound processes.



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Creating and perfecting your sales sequence takes time



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