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The Romantic Era.

The Romantic Era.

The last phase was the Romantic Era.

Composers became more idealistic and developed strong and intense emotions along with their compositions. The orchestra doubled in size as did musical pieces in duration. Traditional tonal patterns were modified and as did the music theory. Ballet became popular over opera. Composers like Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Wagner, Schumann, Debussy etc., became the runners of modern orchestral music.


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I owe my originality to a technical clusterfuck of emotions driven by angst and my dad's radio.

Western music has had a long list of musical development over the few hundred years and it's all thanks to our forefathers that the current Western music thrives, based on the vast expense of music theory. Some people coined this term as classical music.

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The Classical Period (1730 - 1820)

Haydn and Mozart dominate the musical landscape of this period. Composers moved away from the polyphonic towards the homophonic, writing music that was simple and measured.

A key development is that of the Piano that replaced the Baroque harpsichord. Chamber music and orch...

The Romantic Period (1780 - 1880)

The Romantic Period (1780 - 1880)

Beethoven made a notable change into the Romantic Era. His genius shaped the Romantic period by redefining many of the established musical conventions.

The era saw developments in the quality and range of instruments as composers allowed their deepest emotions and dreams t...

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