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Western music has had a long list of musical development over the few hundred years and it's all thanks to our forefathers that the current Western music thrives, based on the vast expense of music theory. Some people coined this term as classical music.

History Of Classical Music

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The Medieval Era

"Classical Music" is a bit of a blanket term that we use to describe "old" music, but there is a whole load of fascinating styles and periods hiding inside.

It started of in Europe as church music as priests saw how the lifting power of music could be used ...

The Renaissance Period.

In the Renaissance period music became more accessible to the world beyond the church as printing became possible. Members of the upper-class started hiring composers to compose music under their patronage. Composers started developing more complex melodies by combining...

The Baroque Era.

The transitioning period was the Baroque Era. Music composers started fusing embellishments with complex melodies as different instruments like the violin and cello came into being. Small orchestras started to form and two different forms of music arose-sonatas a...

The Classical Era.

Classical Era gave birth to most of the popular classical music where composers like Beethoven, Mozart and Haydn preferred balanced musical structures over the Baroque style.

Composers laid down framework for future musicians in clear organised musical comp...

The Importance Of The Classical Era.

The piano became the popular keyboard instrument among many other instruments. People started thinking of themselves as artists and less as servants to the upper class. 

Opera became more modernised as did public concert halls to serve as the stage for orch...

The Romantic Era.

The last phase was the Romantic Era.

Composers became more idealistic and developed strong and intense emotions along with their compositions. The orchestra doubled in size as did musical pieces in duration. Traditional tonal patterns were modified and as did the music theo...

The 21st Century.

Classical music transformed after this period into many different forms as music spread to different cultures. Classical music became a side step to the modern music as people's interest in classical music diminished. It does exist in the 21st century but having lost its ...

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