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When OK Computer was released in the spring of 1997, it was instantly greeted with ravenous acclaim. According to the music press, Radiohead’s third album was pushing the boundaries of rock, it was about modern life; it was Important. And so, the band’s fans poured over every lyric and every detail in the CD artwork to divine what sort of serious concept album this was, misunderstanding that sometimes Radiohead was just goofing around.

Poetry and classical music have been used for centuries to set a scene, paint an emotion, or evoke a memory. Both have influenced and inspired each other over the years to create historic masterpieces, from Charles Baudelaire and Claude Debussy to Aaron Copland and Emily Dickinson. To celebrate the connection between the two art forms, here is a handpicked list of 8 poems paired with the perfect classical music.

Western music has had a long list of musical development over the few hundred years and it's all thanks to our forefathers that the current Western music thrives, based on the vast expense of music theory. Some people coined this term as classical music.

Ahana Chakraborty


I owe my originality to a technical clusterfuck of emotions driven by angst and my dad's radio.


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