... is described as events that influence your life but are not of your making.

It confirms the view that we are not in perfect control of our lives. Even the best plans can turn awry.

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Self Improvement


How to improve your luck
  • Position yourself. Embrace your opportunities and weather the storms.
  • Look for ways to turn your luck around.
  • Stick your neck out. You have to take risks and accept the good and bad that may come.

People who are lucky always assume that their luck will run out at some point. They don't ride the peak, because they know not to push their luck.

Lucky people know their plans may not always work out. They do not let themselves grow too confident or relaxed. They anticipate change and lean into it.

Lucky people always seem to have several ventures going on at the same time. If one fails, they still have other options.

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  • Personal experience
  • Experience of people you know 
  • Experts 
  • Scientific studies 
  • Common sense 
  • Pattern recognition.

When seeking truth, your best bet is to look for confirmation on at least two of these dimensions.

5 Ways Of Tackling Dreaded Tasks
  1. Do it in another location. It may be what you need to shock you into action.
  2. Bribe yourself. Having something to look forward to can make unpleasant tasks more bearable.
  3. Acknowledge your fear of failure. Doing so makes taking the first steps of the task easier.
  4. Commit to doing at least 5 minutes of it. Momentum may drive you to keep working. It's also easier to do things if you know you can bail after a few minutes.
  5. Document your process. It keeps your mind occupied while you complete it and you can use the notes to outsource the task.

5 Hacks to Finally Finish Your Most Dreaded To-Do List Item

Believing in luck

Luck is a hard thing to prove. There is no real thing we can call luck, but we can create a real object and transfer luck to it, such as a lucky penny or a lucky charm.

These lucky objects give the feeling of a security blanket. They provide an illusion of control for the person who believes in them.

The psychology of luck: how superstition can help you win

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