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Motherhood fosters employable skills

The question is increasingly popping up whether or not the skills of motherhood belongs on a CV.

The role of motherhood has become more visible during the pandemic as schools transitioned to remote classrooms, and women took on a bigger load of home life than before. Mothers multi-task, plan, research, negotiate, manage time and lead. Research shows mothers are better at listening, more diplomatic, very organised, more efficient, and better mentors.

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Self Improvement

Does motherhood belong on a resume?


The Top 10 Music Genres

Music has thousands of genres, styles and sub-genres. Not all of them are commercially viable. There are certain genres that are favoured by the music industry and market:

  1. Pop
  2. Hip-Hop And Rap
  3. Rock
  4. Dance/EDM
  5. Latin music
  6. Indie/Alternative Rock
  7. Classical Music
  8. K-Pop
  9. Country music
  10. Metal.

The Top 10 Genres in the Music Industry - Musician Wave


Documentary: Origins

Scottish filmmaker John Grierson is known as the father of documentary films, and coined the term ‘documentary’ in 1926. He believed that cinema can add value by observing and documenting real life, and this capacity can be a new kind of art form.

He states in his own documentary that documentaries can be a powerful democratic tool and it is a social responsibility of a filmmaker to help society achieve its ideals of democracy.

Grierson: A Documentary About the Filmmaker Who Coined “Documentary” - Brain Pickings


Chutzpah is the willingness to take risks in a shameless and self-assured manner that could be seen as disrespectful or rude - for example, an entrepreneur calling a CEO of a large company directly, despite no invitation.

Chutzpah can be valuable in some cases if you know how to take advantage of it.

Chutzpah: The Benefits and Dangers of Shameless Audacity - Effectiviology


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” 

13 Things to Avoid When Changing Habits : zen habits


Friedrich Nietzsche

"Society tames the wolf into a dog. And man is the most domesticated animal of all."

The Comfortable Life is Killing You


Conscious Prioritizing

When we focus on the things that we have control over, no matter how small and insignificant it may seem, we are inherently maximizing our chances of success .

We only have a limited number of energy and time. It is important that we know where we put our energies into so that we can make space for the things that matter.

3 Practices to Improve the Quality of Your Life


Thomas Nast gave us our image of Santa, but Henry Bessemer figured out how to make steel rapidly, cheaply, and abundantly. He completely revolutionized some of the greatest of human industries.

His rails connected almost every corner of the United States, making it possible to move products and messages of love across the nation.

The Railroads That Created Christmas


The Appeal Of Christmas Movies

Every year, at this time, there is a surge of rentals and viewerships in the movies related to the holidays, where Christmas stories and family bondings are lapped up by viewers wanting to glimpse a world that could be.

Christmas movies offer the ideal world where family values, love and care in the community and a harmonious atmosphere is showcased. Movies like Home Alone, Love Actually, or the 1946 classic It’s a Wonderful Life provide an alternative, fantasy version of our world.

Here's why Christmas movies are so appealing this holiday season


Willpower Depletion

It is the idea that we place our willpower under much strain and as we put in much more effort into anything, the more it gets drained.

The consequence of this is that the more it gets drained, the less self-control we have in order to resist temptations. However, many studies are contending this idea and supports the concept that willpower is not a finite commodity that depletes over time, it is something we can control.

This article is scientifically proven to improve your willpower



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