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No Blasting Of Emails

Targeted campaigns perform much better than email blasts, because they resonate with subscribers’ interests. Indeed, segmented emails for B2C industries, especially retail, can boost sales when the frequency is increased. That dovetails with DMA’s finding that 65% of consumers prefer emails with discounts and special offers.

It’s still important to consider diminishing returns from higher email frequency. As the volume grows, fewer recipients will open your emails, and those who do become less likely to click. 




To determine your ideal email marketing frequency, you must consider how many and what types of emails your audience is receiving. Consumers are much more likely to open transa...

Too many email marketers consider a consumer’s opt-in as a green light to send any and all promotional content. That’s a costly mistake. While “too many emails” is usually the top reason for unsubscribes, “irrelevant information” is a close second.

Email marketing frequency requires a delicate balance, as your audience will quickly unsubscribe if they don’t find your emails valuable. Striking the right cadence is crucial to email marketing success. Read on to learn email marketing frequency best practices and how to optimize your email cale...

Taken together, your frequency, mix of types, and timing of emails compose your email marketing cadence. The right cadence will keep your brand recognizable, provide value to your recipients, and prevent the dreaded unsubscribe — or worse, the spam report. And of course, it will support your 

A higher email frequency doesn’t necessarily lead to higher unsubscribe rates, even though multiple studies have shown that “too many emails” is consistently the #1 reason for unsubscribes. Some people take that as further proof that more = better. However, keep in mind that unsubscribing takes t...

consumers usually don’t know the legal details of CAN-SPAM, GDPR, and other regulations. They don’t care if your emails aren’t technically spam because they opted in. As far as they’re concerned, any unwanted email is spam. If they don’t recognize your brand name (a risk of low email frequency), ...

Pros: Stay top-of-mind and give your audience more opportunities to interact with your brand. Ideal for retailers, content creators, and other businesses that capitalize on impulse consumption.

Email marketing has some impressive statistics, such as the famous ROI of $44 for every dollar spent. Also, the majority of consumers across generational lines consider email the most personal marketing channel. Clearly, there’s a lot of potential to connect with your audience.

Pros: Send highly customized and creative content that may be of greater value to your audience. Easier to manage. Great for service-based businesses that need to build trust with their audience.

 The way to create a balance is to segment your list, then deliver content at the frequency it makes sense for each segment. Those who give their email in exchange for a discount probably won’t want daily promotional emails, while leads you generate from high-value freebies may prefer weekly cont...

keep an eye on your metrics. Look at how your open rate and clickthrough rates vary over the month. If your metrics decline after the first couple of campaigns, you’re probably...

There’s no magic number for email marketing frequency. The optimal number of emails varies by brand, audience segment, and each campaign itself. Your best strategy is to lead with research and great content. Know your target audience and what they want to see.



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