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“Life rarely changes in a positive way without an increase in responsibility.

That can mean taking ownership of your health or committing to a relationship or starting a business.

Whatever it is, if you want the trajectory to change, the amount of responsibility usually has to change.”



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They DON’T want you to change.

They DON’T want you to change.

Other people may love you so much the way you are that they fear certain decisions you make will change you and that those changes could impact your relationship with them.

But it’s usually in your best interest to change, to evolve into more of the person you want to become and the life y...

Ch.6 : Assume Control For Everything.💪

Ch.6 : Assume Control For Everything.💪

  • It Is equally impossible to do something positive when you are spending your time making excuses .
  • To get where you want to go in life you must adopt the view that whatever is going on in your world good,bad or nothing is something cost by you.
  • Once you decide to take control...

Transitional Loneliness

Major changes can create a sense of loneliness, even if they're positive. You might be leaving a job or starting a new job, ending a relationship or embarking on a new relationship, getting married, getting divorced, [or] starting a family.

When struggling with the adjustme...

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