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Thoughts under control

Thoughts under control

So how would we manage our overthinking and negative thoughts? It is claimed that the individual who has mastery over his or her mind and ideas has mastery over the world. 

Any hurdle may be conquered if a person has control over his thinking. A free and serene mind also guarantees that you are as productive as possible. 

Controlling one's mind is a difficult endeavor, but it is possible with adequate mental training and practice. Yoga and meditation regularly assist to prevent overthinking to a considerable extent. 


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What’s up, it’s @hackedongrowth here, Words have tremendous power. Your ideas manifest into your reality. The brain is the soul's temple. What is in a person's thoughts may shape their personality. Yet, we have a tendency to overthink at times, which has an impact on our day-to-day actions. Overthinking, or thinking too much, is precisely what it means. Overthinking occurs when you analyze too much instead of acting and doing things. This is referred to as overthinking.

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