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The Machine Workings Of Humor

The AI picks a noun or verb from a headline and replaces it with a word that can be objectively quantified as humorous.

So here’s the simple answer to the question of whether AI can be funny or not: If you get to define what is and isn’t funny, sure. AI can be just as funny as you decide it is or isn’t.


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Dispensing optician

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The humor effect defined

The humor effect is a psychological phenomenon that causes people to remember information better when that information is perceived as funny or humorous.

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Researchers have theorized that a sense of humor is made up of six basic variables:

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When being asked a double-barreled question, you might find yourself in difficulty to provide an appropriate answer. The term designs the fact of asking two questions, while allowing only one answer. Which can be pretty misleading, as you do not know for sure which question will ...

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