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Apply Early

Apply Early

“If you aren’t one of the first 20 people to apply on LinkedIn, you’re probably not going to get seen,” stated J.T. O’Donnell, founder and CEO of Work It Daily, a career coaching platform.


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Set designer

Get noticed by Hiring Managers

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Being a Graphic Designer in the Modern World

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How Can We Apply These Principles?

How Can We Apply These Principles?

• First, be aware that these principles aren’t mutually exclusive: apply as many of them as possible for the maximum boost to your happiness.

For example, if you treat a friend to a delicious cappuccino, you’re both giving a gift and spending on an experience – a happiness double-whammy


Four Situations When You Should Not Go First

  1. If you are the default choice, don’t go first.
  2. If there are many competitors (not necessarily strong ones, just a large number of them), going later can confer a small advantage, and going last can confer a huge one.
  3. If you’re operating in an...

Reducing your workload

Thanks to Parkinson’s Law, if we have availability in our schedule, then we’re going to fill it up. You may have cranked out your most important tasks for the day, but, now you’re just going to add even more items to your calendar or to-do list so that there aren’t any blank spaces.


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