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It’s not the means of education or the means of learning are scarce, the means of learning are abundant. It’s the desire to learn that’s scarce.



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Wealth stacks up one chip at a time, not all at once

Wealth stacks up one chip at a time, not all at once

It stacks up a little bit, chips at a time. More options, more businesses, more investments, more things that you can do.

It’s not like your one piece of work is going to suddenly shower you with riches overnight. It’s going to be a long lifetime of learning, of reading, of creating that’s ...

How to avoid the instructional fallacy

How to avoid the instructional fallacy

One possibility is to shift from education to exploration. Explore (explorare in Latin) means to investigate, search out, examine, explore.

Exploring will result in learning. Students may ...

Slow down conditioned responses

Learning to take a compliment well starts with self-awareness.

Get curious about your learned behaviours and how they impact your response to a compliment.

  • In your culture or faith, were you taught just to say thank you, praise God, or divert ...

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