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Player Customization

In the Metaverse, you can customise your character's appearance and abilities. A significant amount of Coin is spent on it every day.

You can shop for real-world items in the virtual store, from furniture or new haptic gear to a pizza. Companies will have virtual stores in the Metaverse and compete for prime retail space in the premier worlds. The incentives to earn and spend in the Metaverse will be just as important in the real world. Advanced neurohaptic VR will create a virtual experience almost identical to a real one.


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Entering The Virtual World

Entering The Virtual World

The Metaverse could be experienced in three stages.

  1. A head-mounted display and two hand controllers. VR today only influences sight, hearing, and a limited form of touch.
  2. Haptic bodysuits and omnidirectional treadmills or shoes could allow the body to feel and move around a ...

The Impact Of Technology

The Impact Of Technology

All technologies have the potential for good and evil, useful and harmful.

The science-fiction depiction of the Metaverse in Ready Player One showed that a virtual world enables your wildest dreams on-demand while the real world decays because the virtual one is so much better.

Health Concerns

Health Concerns

If our virtual avatars can look however we want and can do anything we want, why would we spend time living healthy?

For the foreseeable future, our physical bodies will be used more than today since we will be moving around more in VR instead of looking at a screen and us...

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