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The New Internet

The New Internet

The Metaverse is the successor to the internet, and all the worlds in the Metaverse are equivalent to the internet's websites. We can now visualise and experience what the worldwide web can offer in a 3D user interface.

This new interface will reveal new opportunities for existing websites to reinvent their user experience. For example, instead of looking at some photos and reviews on a webpage, you would be able to touch and test out the digital version of an object.


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History Of The Metaverse

History Of The Metaverse

In the 1992 sci-fi classic, Snow Crash, author Neil Stephenson describes a virtual-reality-based successor to the internet. The 2011 novel Ready Player One popularised the concept where you can do anything, be anyone, and go anywhere regardless of real-life circumstances.

Computers, the in...

Interconnected Tech Of The Metaverse: IoT (Internet Of Things)

One of the applications of IoT on the Metaverse is to collect and provide data from the physical world. If we can add metaverses to the present Internet of things (IoT), our economy’s acceleration will be on a whole new level. IoT may connect the 3D environment to a vast number of real-w...

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