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The Metaverse Explained Part 3: Economics | Loup

The Metaverse Explained Part 3: Economics | Loup


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The Metaverse Economy

The Metaverse is a virtual universe where you can do anything, be anyone, or go anywhere. You can inhabit new "earths" that are not bound by physics laws.

The Metaverse initiates two major disruptions in:

  • The physical world
  • The internet

The economic impl...

The New World

The Metaverse will be a network of worlds with different things to offer and different levels of popularity.

The way to monetise traffic in the Metaverse is similar to the ways governments and shopping malls generate revenue. Developers of top locations in the Metaverse will be compensated...

The New Internet

The Metaverse is the successor to the internet, and all the worlds in the Metaverse are equivalent to the internet's websites. We can now visualise and experience what the worldwide web can offer in a 3D user interface.

This new interface will reveal new opportunities for ...

High Fidelity Case Study

High Fidelity is an existing social virtual reality company and is a good example of how the building blocks of the Metaverse and its economy are put in place.

High Fidelity Metaverse gives open source tools to build anything you can dream of, like avatar clothing, items, and buildings. Cre...

With an economic system in place, the Metaverse could drive significant growth in every industry. Wall Street analysts will be asking the CEO of major organisations what their Metaverse strategy is on earnings calls. Companies will have teams to advertise, sell, or build products in the Metaverse...

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