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Good Guy,bad Guy

Good Guy,bad Guy

Who is a good guy or a bad guy?

There are no good people or bad people, there is good thought or bad thought, good attitude or bad attitude, good influence or bad influence, good behavior of bad behavior.

If you're in a happy fantastic mood,you see the world to be good to you contradictory to when you're in a sad mood,even the slightest thing will hurt you and you'll find the whole world cruel.

Train your thoughts, not your mood to act according to a situation.


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Without a thought process a human will not function less than an animal. Think positive at all times.

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"Good" or "Bad"

"Good" or "Bad"

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Nothing's Good Or Bad.

Nothing that happens is completely good or bad. If you pay a closer look to it you'll find an advantage even in the things you see as bad.

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