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Financial Independence

Financial Independence

Financial Independence means tasting freedom. You no long have to work to maintain your lifestyle, since your money are working for you instead. Your passive incomes (like stocks appreciation, dividends, rental properties income,…) cover your living expenses and you’re free to choose what to do.

You may keep your current job, try a different career, go back to school, take entrepreneurial steps, work less, work none. You may have dreams you want to follow, people you want to take care of. It’s really up to you. You’ve got freedom.


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Understanding the level of financial Independence.

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Score a Two-Fer Toward Financial Independence

Lifestyle inflation is an insidious killer of your financial wellbeing and eventual financial independence.

What it is: allowing your expenses to grow along with increases in your income.

How preventing it helps:

  • Using increases in income t...

Become financial independent

In order to attain financial independence, consider some of the below steps:

  • invest your money into different projects, stocks. activities: diversification is sometimes the safest key to success
  • do your research thoroughly before investing your money anywhere, to avoid unple...

Attain financial independence earlier than later

In order to feel less stressed about your expenses, start doing the research on how to achieve financial independence now.

It will save you a lot of frustration that might emerge due to work while also making you feel more satisfied with your own life.

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