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Archiculture (2011) – Documentary

This documentary explores the different prospects of architectural education through the eyes of the students. You will see a few young architecture students being followed to examine the different aspects of teaching in architecture. Interactions with these students and their reactions help in illustrating all the challenges, faced by aspiring architect in today’s world.




...are very imperative, as it is impossible to have them, to have exposure to the architectural style of the whole world at once, they can rely on movies and documentaries for that.

This movie is about an architect, who wants to create something for himself without considering the client. The main character is hired by a couple to design a house but he ends up deviating from it. This is a portrayal of architects from the perspective of the people who hire them.

...or where of architecture heading towards in, here are few Architecture movies you can watch.

This show actually covers the thought process of engineers, masons and labours; while building medieval castles. According to the need of the hour, what was required, and how it was done, it’s all here from Defence construction to structural engineering. So, dive into history with this visual tre...

...Samuel Mockbee and the Spirit of the Rural Studio

Norman Foster is considered as the world’s most sought architect and has produced the finest post-modern buildings to date. This documentary will give you his an insight towards the improvement of space and then that leading to improvement in the quality of life through just desi...

How the interaction of a building with the surrounding environment is important and it’s importance towards the architectural act. If you want some understanding about this relationship, you must watch this documentary.

If you want to see ultimate fantasy houses of one of the smallest continent of the world, this is your thing. The host of the show visits the most luxurious homes, which are extraordinary. Greek-inspired beach homes, extravagant loft designs, 6m wide screen windows for maximum visibility, you nam...

Millau Viaduct is a cable-stayed, tallest bridge in the world, with a structural height of 343 meters. It is a part of Franco-British partnership, built in southern France. This documentary covers all the aspects of this bridge from materials used to its a structural concept. As this has been ran...

This documentary is about one of the most legendary architects Louis Kahn. His son and director Nathaniel Kahn try to understand his father’s work and his relations with art after his father, noted architect Louis Kahn, and was bankrupt, found dead in the bathroom of a New York s...

If you want to know about the life and career of one of the greatest architectural photographer Julius Shulman, you must watch this documentary. Experts believe he was responsible for bringing architectural modernist movement to light. Frank Lloyd Wright, John Lautner, Frank Gehry work of such le...

Do you wonder sometimes “If buildings could talk, what would they say about us?”. If yes, you must watch this documentary as it captures six iconic and very different building talking for themselves plus it is entirely in 3D.

This was actually tribute to one of the world’s prominent architect Charles Correa, using live footage, extended interview with the architect itself, his diagrams and animation. Moreover, it deals with his work, ideas and views of this pronounced architect.

...documentaries and movies for architects:

Though this movie is about a visionary architect who leaves his wife to accept an architecture project in New York, things don’t go as he planned them. In this movie, the architect struggles to fit into professional norms without losing integrity and individualism.

This movie’s set in the 1970s, which is about final year architecture students of School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi, a leading architecture institute in India. This movie shows struggles of Annie, who is repeating his fifth year for the fourth time in the institutes. He spends hours of h...

If you want to see smouldering 1960s architecture, style, and attitude, watches this series. You will get a glimpse of how the architecture used to be and how it has transformed since then.

This movie is about a doctor basically who moves into a skyscraper, but that is not the point. In this movie, you will see Brutalist buildings, and approach of brutalism to the architecture.

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