3. Manifest your destiny and create your future: - Deepstash
3. Manifest your destiny and create your future:

3. Manifest your destiny and create your future:

Writing a letter to yourself (3, 5, or even ten years into the future) is the perfect way to let your imagination run wild and dream big. I’m not talking about specific goals (yet) but rather the desire for a bigger, better future.

It is your life, and this is your chance to express your wildest dreams. Giving these dreams a voice will help your thoughts move from present-day thinking to seeing the full potential. In a few short years, you could be living a whole different life. Now is the time for some SMART goals!


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These ideas help you to make Future Goals Clear. & Via these ideas, you can set a Long Term Vision.

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Harnessing Blockchain Technology

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Darius Foroux

"What you do today determines where you will be in a year, two years, and even ten years from now. Every single day, we keep on doing things that we don’t desire. I’m not talking about paying the bills or cleaning your toilet. I’m talking about how you i...


Too Much Focus on the Future

The "Where do you see yourself in 5 years" question is about the interviewer wanting to see if you can draw a straight line from the future back to the present. A two-part answer works well.

  • " I want this particular job..." reinforces your desire for the position.
  • In part tw...

Remind Yourself to Think About Your Future Self

We get preoccupied with things that make us busy in the present and often forget about our future selves. Here are some ways we can help remind ourselves:

  1. Create reminders to make your subconscious think about your future self.
  2. Plan your days and set those days towards achi...

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