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3. Arrabida Natural Park  [SEE MAP]

3. Arrabida Natural Park [SEE MAP]

With lovely sandy beaches, beautiful rocky cliffs lining the shore and low-lying mountains covered in lush vegetation stretching inland, Arrabida Natural Park has a wealth of natural delights for visitors to revel in.




If you head right down to the southwest corner of Portugal you will find sea, sun, sand and this astonishing natural park all just waiting to be explored. The endless beaches of the Algarve are bewitchingly beautiful and, framed by the cliffs that overlook them; you will never want to leave this ...

This amazing nature park certainly has a lot going for it. Comprising the largest mountain range in the country, Serra da Estrela is also home to Portugal’s highest peak, Torre, which towers at just less than 2000 metres in height.

Popular with beachgoers and bird watchers alike, Ria Formosa Natural Park’s stunning scenery is a beautiful setting in which to bask in the sun and enjoy everything that the park has to offer. Located right down in the south of Portugal in the Algarve, the lovely warm climate entices visitors to ...

With its lazy features that slowly and tranquilly descend from a height of 1,339 meters at its maximum down to only 260 meters, Alvao Natural Park comprises two distinct topographies and as such the varying landscapes are beautiful to behold.

Located in the northwest of Portugal this delightful park looks out over the wild Atlantic. The ferocious winds that blow in from the ocean have helped to shape the expansive sand dunes that characterize the area.

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Portugal, Sintra-Cascais Natural Park contains a number of amazing attractions that will delight and astound any lucky visitor. While the sweeping Serra de Sintra Mountain Range is spectacular, the park is primarily known for its unbelievable histor...

There are a number of lovely waterfalls to visit within Peneda-Geres and one of the most memorable sights is the ruins of Vilarinho das Furnas. This old village was deliberately submerged when filling a local reservoir and the ruins emerge during the dry season when the waters recede. Eerie to be...

Located on the border with Spain, this park actually is the border as it is the path the river takes that marks Portugal from Spain; hence the name Douro International Natural Park. The river stunningly cuts its way through the landscape, winding its way through the cliffs and ravines that the wa...

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