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The Definitive Guide to Hygge

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How to create a cosy and comfortable home environment

How to cultivate a sense of gratitude and contentment

The benefits of slowing down and enjoying simple pleasures

The importance of social connection and community

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The Little Book of Hygge

The Little Book of Hygge

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Meik Wiking

Meik Wiking

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Hygge: the pursuit of everyday happiness

Hygge is the pursuit of everyday happiness – it's about finding joy in the experience of each and every day. It's about finding an appreciation for the small things that add huge value to our lives.

This appreciation manifests itself in Danish culture because hygge is also about togetherness and sharing. While you can experience hygge by yourself, the Danes put a lot of emphasis on spending time in intimate groups. The core ideas are around well-being, coziness, warmth, safety, intimacy, and gratitude.

The etymology of the word “hygge”

  • Its earliest written roots go back to an old Norwegian word meaning “wellbeing” and date to the early 1800s. Other possible origins might be variants of the words “hug,” another old Norwegian term for “comfort” and another for “mood.”
  • While most modern interpretations have settled on “coziness” as an appropriate translation, this not quite gets the point either.
  • Hygge has been described in several ways: 'the art of being consciously cozy,' 'a hug without touching,' 'socializing for introverts,' 'cocoa by candlelight.' Anything annoying or invasive is the antithesis of "hygge."

Hygge is a lot about the atmosphere

You’ll need to make a conscious effort to create the right environment.

Feeling at home requires a homey place, so unless you create one, you’ll have a hard time getting into the right mood. It’s why the Danish are obsessed with candles, lighting and lamp design, and natural elements like wood in interior design.

Fun fact: At 6 kg or 13 lbs of candles burned per person per year, the Danes are Europe’s number one candlelight junkies. They also have almost 2 rooms per person in the living space.

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