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Be Cautious About The Size Of Claims You Make

This relates to the the previous tip. If you write academically you state just the results, not that it has “great impact to society” or “revolutionises the industry”. This can be hard to do for my entrepreneurial friends. 😅


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In this stash I give some tips about academic writing, this is one I refer to every time I have to write something so be sure to safe it so you can too!

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The more you think before you write, the easier it will be to write

If you set out to talk about a topic you don’t know, you must research and think about it a lot. Otherwise, the text is forced and full of information gaps. This phase is called think before ink. Ask these questions before starting to write: 

  • What is my purpose with this text?...

Carpe diem and Pop culture

  • Metallica (the band) has trilled audiences around the world with their song Carpe Diem Baby.
  • Carpe diem is a message found in Hollywood films such as Dead Poets Society.
  • Carpe diem relates tp one of the most successful brand campaigns (Just Do It);
  • Carpe diem is ...

Be thankful and say thank you.

Be thankful and say thank you.

In your quiet moments, reminisce and be appreciative about all the great people and things around you. This will help you to be mindful. Practicing gratitude has a positive impact on you, your wellness, creativity, work relationships, and the quality of work that you do

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