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Great ideas are not lacking, its the art of innovation that does. Therefore, these 10 tips are recommendedto all entrepreneurs or product owners who are responsible for innovation.


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We all come up with ideas everyday. Some od those of those ideas have the potential to revolutionalize mankind. These tips will help many entrepreneurs, thinkers and innovators to go a step further in packaging their ideas, delivering and executing them.

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A squad doesn’t have a formally appointed squad leader, but it does have a product owner

The product owner is responsible for prioritizing the work to be done by the team, but is not involved with how they do their work. The product owners of different squads collaborate with each other to maintain a high-level roadmap document that shows where Spotify as a whole is heading, and each...

Creating The Climate For Innovation

Enforcing innovation rarely works because external motivators are harmful to intrinsic motivation as described in Drive. How can a company then encourage innovation? You create the conditions for innovation to flourish.

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It is what separates winners from losers

People assume that great entrepreneurs (or great employees) are “naturals” who somehow possess some magical ability to make money. That’s simply not the case. 

The difference between people who are successful and people who are not is almost entirely due to mindset.

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