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We all come up with ideas everyday. Some od those of those ideas have the potential to revolutionalize mankind. These tips will help many entrepreneurs, thinkers and innovators to go a step further in packaging their ideas, delivering and executing them.


The Art Of Innovation | 10 Things To Learn From Guy Kawasaki

The Art Of Innovation | 10 Things To Learn From Guy Kawasaki


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Make Meaning, Not Money

Innovation is about offering value and changing the world. If you innovate to bring a difference in people’s lives, the money will follow eventually. But money shouldn’t be your first agenda.

Make A Mantra, Not Mission

Your meaning leads to mantra which is the summary of the difference you want to make. Stick to 2 to 3 words mission statement that summarises what you do. The shorter the mission statement the more clearer your path is.

Jump To The Next Curve.

Don’t stick to achieving 10% better from your current innovation. Create something new instead of continuously working on the existing product. Don’t limit yourself and stick to the same curve. Move to the next one.

Roll The DICEE

Features of great innovation:

  • Deep – The features and functionalities of great innovation are deep.
  • Intelligent – At the same time, great innovation is intelligent. Ford’s MyKey can control the top speed of the car through the key. Quite smart!...

Dont Worry, Be Crappy

Don’t wait for perfection when you innovate. A valuable innovation can have elements of crappiness.

So, don’t worry about the flaws. Instead, ship your innovation with revolutionary outcomes. If it’s on the next curve, elements of crappiness don’t matter.

Let 100 Flowers Blossom

Your product may solve a particular problem. And you may have a specific audience in mind. Later, your product could be used & perceived in a new way by people you had never thought of.

The positioning of your innovation ultimately comes down to what consumers decide.

Polarise People

Be ready to polarize people with your innovations. Who says a great innovation doesn’t have critics? Your innovation might make only a small segment of people happy.

Apple is a typical example. Those who don’t use an iPhone criticize it for its cost and niche features. But only an apple use...

Churn Baby Churn

When you ship your product with a bit of crappiness, you have a scope to improve. Make new versions of your innovation, and then create another better version. Keep evolving to make a great product.

Niche Yourself

A great product is both valuable and unique. If your innovation is missing any of these, it might fall into the trope of mediocrity.

Dont Let The Bozoz Grind You Down

Naysayers will interrupt and criticize. Don’t let bozos bog down your spirits.

Bozos are either the losers themselves or the rich and famous people you might perceive as correct in negating your meaning and mantra. They are still stuck in their curves and don’t appreciate the next curve you...

Follow the 10-20-30 rule:

Have 10 slides to proposition your product. Explain these slides in 20 minutes and use 30 points fonts. With these fonts and 10 slides, you are bound to explain your innovation succinctly—need of the time.

Great ideas are not lacking, its the art of innovation that does. Therefore, these 10 tips are recommendedto all entrepreneurs or product owners who are responsible for innovation.

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