, we will examine the Hall Effect , which... - Deepstash

, we will examine the Hall Effect , which is the initial discovery of the main problem (the motion of the electron in a crystal medium) and the Hofstadter Butterfly , which is the solution of the same effect in the subatomic world.


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The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect

Tiny, minute changes in the initial conditions, circumstances and events can have a huge, outsized impact on the final outcome.

The Butterfly Effect, which was made mainstream by the 2004 movie of the same name, takes into account the power of a tiny thing, event or action...

Turning the tables

If mysterians claim that some problems will never be solvable, they have to show in some detail why no possible combination of mind extension devices will bring us any closer to a solution.

By spelling out the problem, you set in motion the very process that might lead to discovery.

The union of mind and matter

With this discovery, mind and matter can no longer be considered separate. They are intrinsically linked. Because the subjective mind produces perceptible changes in the objective physical world. Here we’re referring to a quantum mind.

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