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How to Cope With Intrusive Thoughts

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How to Cope With Intrusive Thoughts

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9. Invest every month:

9. Invest every month:

It is Not Important how much you Invest It is how Consistently you Invest, Investing is an effective way to put your money to work and potentially build wealth, Smart investing may allow your money to outpace inflation and increase in value. The greater growth potential of investing is primarily due to the power of compounding and the risk-return tradeoff. So, due to this, you have to make sure to invest every Month, Especially in your 20’s because by the age of 40-50 you are sitting on such a big Corpus you even can’t imagine it.


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19. 15-20 Minutes of Meditation Daily:

19. 15-20 Minutes of Meditation Daily:

Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace, and balance that can benefit both your emotional well-being and your overall health. And these benefits don't end when your meditation session ends. Meditation can help carry you more calmly through your day and may help you manage symptoms of certa...


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10. Know and learn numbers before emotions:

10. Know and learn numbers before emotions:

Many decisions we take with Emotions like when every we are buying a car, house, phone &, etc. I am not telling you that it is not a good decision to have these things. But the point is that think about it wisely take your own time & make a Practical decision. To make a Practical decision you can...


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5. Meet someone new every week:

5. Meet someone new every week:

Meeting new people every week will help you to increase Your communication skill, Confidence in facing new people, & with this, you get to learn some new things from the next person. You Might do this via; Video Conference, One on One, Email, or anything which makes your Conversation.


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6. Read 30 minutes every day without setting any goals:

6. Read 30 minutes every day without setting any goals:

Reading is also called the path for success, don’t keep Big Target's just start with daily 30min of reading a book or whatever you want which will help you to increase you Knowledge. after this you can increase your time according to you.


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11. Do something about the problem that doesn't let you sleep at night:

11. Do something about the problem that doesn't let you sleep at night:

Everyone has their own Problems But some problems are there which don’t let you sleep at night. I know that you have been Trying to short this problem but due to the issue of Procrastination, you haven’t done it.


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13. Dress up nicely every day (Keeps You Disciplined):

13. Dress up nicely every day (Keeps You Disciplined):

Nowadays we many of are working remotely from our comfort zone but after some we get Bored, it just because our sub-conscious Mind gets notified when you wore Cloths which you mainly ware after work(Shorts, Tees &, etc) or Night ware. So, you make sure to wear proper clothes which you ware for yo...


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15. Workout every day (because health is no.1 priority):

15. Workout every day (because health is no.1 priority):

When we hear the word Workout then we get Flashed by the GYM. So, it doesn’t mean just GYM anything which involves to physical activity like walking, Running, Dancing &, etc. One of the worst things you do is Messing with your body eating anything like junk food, no proper workout, etc. ( from th...


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20. Ask yourself, what am I doing wrong that I know that is wrong?

20. Ask yourself, what am I doing wrong that I know that is wrong?

Sit at a place where no Disturbance With the Focus and calm & Ask yourself one question that ‘what I am doing wrong & I know it, it is Wrong. Because when we ask this question we Realise the Truth, the very bitter truth, that truth which presents a solution to us, which we may not want to hear, b...


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3. Do not try & remember everything:

3. Do not try & remember everything:

Don’t try to remember all the things Because remembering all the things is not easy stuff & Human brain isn’t made for it. So, let the things go according to Brain.


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14. Compliment people:

14. Compliment people:

Compliment People when they do something which touches your heart then you always make sure to Compliment that person because your few words will help to & Inspire them to work on it. This Process will transfer the Positive Energy & When you transfer the Positive Energy Eventually you are also Ge...


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12. Breathe deeply(Sudden Meditation):

12. Breathe deeply(Sudden Meditation):

Breathe deeply this is one of my regular based activity. Whenever you Get Anger, Confused, Pressure, Stress, or any other Situation in which your brain feels Out. then take a deeply Breathe. it will work like Clearing the ram of your phone to Brain, it will suddenly start working with more Energy...


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“Don’t run behind the Short time Pleasure Walk with Long term Pleasure, Happiness, Well-being & Kind.”



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17. Follow only positive people:

17. Follow only positive people:

Nowadays we are just following anyone on social media or in the world of WEB 3.0, we have to just follow those people who are adding value to your life, those who add Knlowedge to your Infinite brain, you have to fill your brain with the Right Kind content. “Don’t run behind the Short time Pleasu...


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16. Use Pomodoro technique(can also work in a lazy situation)(25+5 Rule):

16. Use Pomodoro technique(can also work in a lazy situation)(25+5 Rule):

The Pomodoro Technique is a Time management system that encourages people to work with the time they have—rather than against it. Using this method, you break your workday into 25-minute chunks separated by five-minute breaks. ... After about four pomodoros, you take a longer break of about 15 to...


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1. Call People by their name:

1. Call People by their name:

Always when you speak to some Then make sure to Mention their Name Instead of (Bro, Buddy, ETC). It creates a culture of respect, recognition, and consideration for the discussion.


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4. Wake up and smile at the mirror(Awesome):

4. Wake up and smile at the mirror(Awesome):

When you Wake up then just do smile in front of the mirror & say to yourself Awesome 

it will help you to build Confidence & Most important is Self Love.


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8. Don't leave inspiration to chance:

8. Don't leave inspiration to chance:

This means that you are should depend on your luck, you have to search for it because nothing is gone come to you on the base of luck. So, you have to daily do stuff that keeps your Energy on Full-High As well as your Motivation.


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18. Follow a routine(Keeps You In Discipline):

18. Follow a routine(Keeps You In Discipline):

Making a proper routine will help you to get Maximum things Done on time. Click here to read more about it.


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7. Say thank you even if they’re not listening to you. (Gratitude):

7. Say thank you even if they’re not listening to you. (Gratitude):

Being Gratitude is a life-changing skill in itself, it shows about your personality & your social character. It is also important because nowadays we are taking people for granted, So we have to change this mindset.


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2. Write emails to yourself in the Future:

2. Write emails to yourself in the Future:

Writing an Email to yourself isn’t just a fun exercise for writers; everyone can (and should!) give it a try. You might wonder what should go in a letter to yourself, but the answer is, anything that is important to you!


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Namaskaram, This a Quick Guide for Teenagers "20 Habits you Should Know & Follow in Your 20’s" hope this will help you.

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