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Why SAAS Startups Fail

Why SAAS Startups Fail

  1. Lack of Market
  2. Poor Management team
  3. Product Problems


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Why Do startups fail ??

According to Eric Ries, there are two main reasons for startup failures:

  • Traditional management methods do not work for a highly uncertain startup
  • The second reason may seem completely opposite to the first one 
  •  seeing that traditiona...

Line Manager as Team Coach

Line Manager as Team Coach

Managers are prone to misattribute the causes of poor performance. They tend to over-emphasize motivation and under-emphasize other factors – in particular, lack of knowledge or skill. Poor performance has a lot more to do with poor management and failure to coach than with unwil...

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Why we fail to motivate ourselves

Two factors contribute to a lack of motivation.

  • Lack of drive. The object of our goals may just not be worthwhile.
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