The Boot Camp Principle

The Boot Camp Principle

The boot camp principle to get better at something id inspired by military basic training programs and it goes like this:

Go through unrelenting challenges that you are completely unprepared for, day after day, for a handful of weeks, and you'll come out strong and resilient.

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Problem Solving


Gentle Ramping Approach

Taking this approach to getting better at something means you have to get yourself on a self-imposed routine, where you do a little of your activity—writing, running, meditating —pushing the performance level daily. You gradually increase your mileage, so that your everyday target is just beyond what’s easy.

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A silent retreat

Its basic idea is to see how quiet the mind can get when you stop feeding it entertainment, conversation, and daydreams.

It provides the environment for noticing what’s happening inside you and around you, and come back to that when you get distracted.

Where There's Stress, There's a Story

Altering the brain

In 2005, studies began to point out that meditation can change the structure of your brain by thickening the cortex. The cortex controls your attention and emotions.

You can reap the benefits if you practice meditation for half an hour a day over eight weeks.

Are we morally obligated to meditate?

Money Hacks

# Writing every transaction down

# Using a spreadsheet to track your spending habits

# Loving credit cards

# Never thinking of purchases in terms of *present* value

# Studying computers (there are loads of unfilled computer jobs)

# Using tools that aggregate all of your accounts into one place.

6 of My Favorite Money Hacks

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