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"Measuring innovation also involves setting specific goals that will help fuel the process—the things you do internally to help you hit your targets. When you give people targets, they take on responsibility for hitting them. And in the process, they produce experiences and success stories that then reinforce more experiences. The goal is to jump-start this kind of positive feedback loop."



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I get my inspiration from nature and objects around me.

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Music and Productivity

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How to choose the right music for different tasks

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How music affects productivity

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Ambition Has A High Return

Setting difficult, ambitious goals and committing to them has a much bigger impact than people realise.

Edwin Lock, who pioneered the experimental study of goal-setting, found two things:

  • Harder goals produce better results, provided you stay comm...

Read at Least 10-20 Pages a Day

Consider setting aside at least 10-20 pages per day to read, especially if you have a busy schedule. This process will help you stay focused as you look forward to accomplishing your daily goal of a specific number of pages. 

Take out time to understand and engage in the reading...

What does it mean to not give a f*ck?

What does it mean to not give a f*ck?

Many of our modern values (success, positivity, greatness etc) can actually make us more insecure & miserable. The way to be happy and fulfilled, Manson says, is to not give a f*ck about everything we’re told to care about. 

Instead, get clear on what truly matters, focus y...

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