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1. Look for Blind Spots

Having a target audience may help narrow your focus and improve your PPC campaigns. But a customer persona rarely fits every potential customer. If the language & imagery you use only appeals to a specific demographic, you risk alienating potential new customers.

Writing for a wider audience will make your content more thoughtful & appealing. Most marketing efforts still lack diversity & inclusivity, esp. when it comes to content marketing. Just identifying & fixing your blind spots can breathe new life into your efforts, & help you build important relationships with a variety of stakeholders.


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The last thing you’d ever want to do is exclude a person or group of people through your marketing. Yet many marketers and writers have made this mistake. Divisive & exclusive words & phrases have become so baked into our language that many of us don’t realize when we use them or the harm they cause. This article, explains what inclusive content really means, why you need to be creating it, & how to do it in a meaningful way.

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