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The last thing you’d ever want to do is exclude a person or group of people through your marketing. Yet many marketers and writers have made this mistake. Divisive & exclusive words & phrases have become so baked into our language that many of us don’t realize when we use them or the harm they cause. This article, explains what inclusive content really means, why you need to be creating it, & how to do it in a meaningful way.


How to Create Inclusive Content for Everyone

How to Create Inclusive Content for Everyone


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What Does “Inclusive Content” Mean?

Inclusive content is any form of media (such as a blog post, a video, an image, etc.) that speaks to a broad and diverse audience without excluding anyone.

When it comes to blog posts, that means the words do not hurt or divide, the images represent as many different people as possible, and...

There’s a lot more to gain when you write in a way that includes as many people as possible.

For one, it can grow your business. You significantly widen your target markets by opening the door to previously marginalized communities.

At the same time, it raises the profile of your bran...

Inclusive content sells better, too.

The Psychology of Inclusion and the Effects in Advertising by Microsoft Advertising found that the purchase intent of the most inclusive ad in their study was 13 percent higher than the next most appealing ad and 23 percent higher than the average.

Having a target audience may help narrow your focus and improve your PPC campaigns. But a customer persona rarely fits every potential customer. If the language & imagery you use only appeals to a specific demographic, you risk alienating potential new customers.

Writing for a wider audienc...

Start by making your entire site accessible.

Ensure the following:

  • screen readers can interact with every page on the site but esp. your blog. Alt text on the images & captions on videos is relevant. & not just used to stuff keywords into your article. Screen readers rely on alt ...

The words you use matter. They have the power to inspire, but they also have the ability to divide and exclude. When it comes to creating inclusive content you have to be careful about the language you choose.

Adopting gender-neutral language should be the bare minimum. Instead of words lik...

Encourage and embrace feedback. The more you discuss your work openly & invite readers to have their say, the quicker you can start creating genuinely inclusive content.

It’s not just your audience you should consult, however. A sensitivity reader can be a huge help when reviewing your writ...

Stock images are known to often feature middle-class caucasians. 

It’s not enough to just write in an inclusive manner. People will identify with your company & product more when they see people like themselves included in your content marketing efforts. It also makes it clear that you ar...

The format and structure of your writing can also exclude readers. Flowery language and complex clauses aren’t going to cut it if you’re writing for laypeople.


  • Use short words & short sentences.
  • Keep paragraphs short and use lots of subheadings to make it easy fo...

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