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Breadcrumbs are a navigational feature for your website, and they can have an awesome impact on SEO and user experience. There are still a ton of websites that don’t implement breadcrumbs – which is a huge mistake, not just because they impact SEO but also because they are pretty easy to implement.

Content pillars are an essential part of a brand’s content strategy and they serve a fundamental purpose: they provide a comprehensive, authoritative exploration of a topic that a reader can get everything they need on that subject in one place.

The last thing you’d ever want to do is exclude a person or group of people through your marketing. Yet many marketers and writers have made this mistake. Divisive & exclusive words & phrases have become so baked into our language that many of us don’t realize when we use them or the harm they cause. This article, explains what inclusive content really means, why you need to be creating it, & how to do it in a meaningful way.



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