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cut the gas line

Passive House buildings present an especially easy opportunity to cut the gas line and go all-electric, due in part to their extremely low heating and cooling demands. This, coupled with the cost savings of not having to install a gas line, makes Passive House buildings great candidates for a simple transition to an all-electric building. All-electric buildings are the easiest path towards a net zero-carbon built environment, when electric usage is offset with renewables.


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In Support of All-Electric Buildings

By avoiding natural gas and pairing all-electric energy with Passive House, we have buildings with even better energy efficiency, lower energy bills, higher indoor air quality, less risk of fire, higher comfort and better performance. We should advocate for buildings that are lo...


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All-Electric Design Considerations

From an economic standpoint, heat pumps for heating/cooling and water heating, LED lighting, and induction ranges can potentially add a premium to the already constrained budget. This should be tempered with the cost savings of the improved energy efficiency of these systems over time. Heat pumps...


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“Additionally, it typically costs between $1,500 and $2,000 to install a gas line to the building. These initial savings can be put towards these systems and can temper the upfront costs of upgrading to all-electric.

The main behavioral change of going all-electric is letting go of the gas ...


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All-Electric Water Heating

Switching to an electric heat pump hot water heater can present challenges. Heat pump water heaters can dump cold air into the surrounding conditioned space. This should be avoided (or at least cleverly managed), if possible. One solution is to ...


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All-Electric Adoption

The natural gas industry would like to make you think otherwise, by promoting concepts like ‘Balanced Energy Solutions’. However, the goal of this post is to get you to take an objective look and consider the rewards of switching to an all-electric and Passive House building. You could say that t...


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In the U.S., buildings generate nearly 40% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions. In order to meet climate goals as set by the IPCC, the U.S. needs to move beyond the burning of fossil fuels, including the use of natural gas. Burning methane is now a bigger source of climate-altering emission...


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Indoor Air Quality

These gases and particulates have been associated with negative health effects such as respiratory disease, chronic respiratory illness in children, decreased pulmonary function, depression, cancer, nervous system disorders, birth defects and organ damage, among others.

An induction range d...


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#engineering, #machinelearning and #crypto

This makes me wonder how one could find out such Real Estate developers in Europe or just homes to rent out that are all electric?

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