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Building a story inventory

Building a story inventory

1. Chains of false belief. List all the false beliefs your customers might have related to your new opportunity, followed by the vehicle frameworks, their internal false beliefs, and their external false beliefs

2. Experiences. Next to each false belief that you listed, write out what type of experience they may have gone through that gave them that false belief

3. Stories. Next to each experience, write down the story that the experience created in their mind

4. New Epiphany Bridges. Think about your own Epiphany Bridge story for each of these false beliefs


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The 3 Core Groups of People in Each Marketplace

The 3 Core Groups of People in Each Marketplace

  • “The Diehard” is in love with the current product. Switching a Diehard to a new product requires a major identity shift.
  • “The Satisfied” uses the product they bought but isn’t in love with it. Switching the Satisfied to a new product requires a signi...


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Finding Your Voice

Finding Your Voice

The 5 phases to become an expert:

1. The Dreamer: Fascination + Mastery = Passion

2. Reporter: learn everything about your topic from multiple points of view

3. Framework Creator: identify patterns for success and build your own...


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How to Create Frameworks

How to Create Frameworks

1. Create your framework hypothesis: make a bullet list that you would want to teach yourself before you began this journey. Organize it into an outline in an order that makes sense

2. Test your framework hypothesis on yourself

3. Give your framework a proprietary name: give it an eas...


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The Three Core Markets or Desires

The Three Core Markets or Desires

The 3 core markets or desires that every product is marketed through:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships

When people purchase a product or service, they’re hoping to get a certain result in one of these three areas of their lives.

Many products can be markete...


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Creating Belief: The Epiphany Bridge

Creating Belief: The Epiphany Bridge

Your goal isn’t to try to sell anyone anything. Your goal is to guide them to their own decision.

Epiphany Bridge: a story that takes people through the emotional experience that got you excited about the new opportunity you’re presenting. Your epiphany is the aha momen...


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Effective Storytelling

Effective Storytelling

  1. Oversimplification: speak at about a third-grade level
  2. “Kinda like” bridge: if you need to teach a concept that’s past a third-grade level, say It’s kinda like…” and relate it to something customers already know
  3. Making them feel:


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The Journey, the Conflict, and the Villain

The Journey, the Conflict, and the Villain

The villain’s role in the story helps us root for the hero to achieve his desire.

The villain can be a person, or it could also be a false belief system. Our job is to vilify the belief system and defeat it so we can give our audience the truth.

We are all rooting for the hero to acco...


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The Future-Based Cause

The Future-Based Cause

Our job as an expert and guide for our audience is to help cast a vision for what is possible and bring our people to higher ground, to move them from where they are to where they want to be.

Your job as the expert is to guide your dream customers on a journey of both achievement and transf...


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The Hero’s Two Journeys

The Hero’s Two Journeys

The plot of every good story has three simple elements:

  • Character
  • Desire
  • Conflict

In order for the character to go on a journey to achieve his desire, he has to separate from his ordinary world.

During this separation, it’s essential that the storytell...


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The Achievement

The Achievement

As the hero finally ends their journey, they’re transformed into a new person.

Sometimes heroes get what they have been trying to achieve throughout the story, and oftentimes they don’t.

This is the hero’s second journey. Who have they become and how have they evolved? This jo...


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Introduce the Desire

Introduce the Desire

Every story is about a journey either toward pleasure or away from pain.

There are four core desires that drive most heroes:

  • Win: the heart of someone they love, or fame, money, a competition, or prestige.
  • Retrieve: wants to obtain someth...


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Creating Your Movement

Creating Your Movement

To create a movement, you need 3 things:

  1. An expert or guide
  2. A new opportunity
  3. A future-based cause that unites the tribe

The expert offers someone a new opportunity and then guides them to a result with a future-based cause.


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How to Create a New Opportunity

How to Create a New Opportunity

Step #1: What is the result your dream customers are trying to achieve?

Create a new way for your dream customers to achieve their desired results

 Step #2: What is the“vehicle” they are currently using to try to get that result?

Write down all ...


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The Four Core Stories

The Four Core Stories

Our only real goal in any of our marketing is to identify the false beliefs and false stories our customers are telling themselves—the ones that are keeping them from success—and to rewrite these stories inside their minds.

The 4 core stories to break false beliefs:

1. Your or...


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Build Rapport with The Hero

Build Rapport with The Hero

We build rapport with the hero by giving our hero at least two of the following things:

A victim of some outside force, so we want to root for them

  • In jeopardy, so we worry about them
  • Likable, so we want to be with them
  • Funny, so we connect with them
  • Power...


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People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks at their enemies.



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The Mentor/Expert/Guide

The Mentor/Expert/Guide

  • During the journey, the hero meets a mentor or guide to help them along the way.
  • For our purposes with storytelling, the guide is the person who gives us the epiphany and the frameworks.
  • The journey then becomes the hero using the plans/framework they receive from the guide t...


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Teaching Your Frameworks

Teaching Your Frameworks

Step #0—Introduce the framework

Tell the audience the name and description of your framework

Step #1—Share how you either learned it (your knowledge) or earned it (through your experiences)

 Step #2—Share the strategy (the what ...


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The New Opportunity

The New Opportunity

  1. Rather than trying to improve on someone else’s product or service, create your own new opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition.
  2. If you want people to buy, you have to show them how your product or service will increase their status.
  3. When marketing, focus on as...


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The 3 Reasons (False Beliefs) Why People Don’t Buy from You

The 3 Reasons (False Beliefs) Why People Don’t Buy from You

  1. “I don’t believe this vehicle (your new opportunity) is the right vehicle for me.” What tangible thing can you create to help them change their belief? 
  2. “I believe this is the right vehicle for some people, but I don’t think that I could be successful with it.” They...


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Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

Understand your customer, and build your marketing framework.

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